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Business Coaching
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What We Offer

We’re not shy when it comes to giving away our secrets! The processes and procedures, along with the technology and software we have developed and used over the years make us a force to be reckoned with in digital marketing.

But we’re not interested in keeping the secrets to our success behind lock and key. We deliver business coaching in a number of ways, from one-on-one training at your place of work, to interactive online workshops, and personalized, step-by-step guides to any and all of the services that we offer ourselves.

Not only that, but we can set up web-based CRM systems and email campaign management software, along with training on each platform, so your teams can collaborate from anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll be able to set up complex, self-managing email campaigns  that convert web traffic over and over again.

business coaching

SEO Training

SEO Training

The Skills To Be Seen

Search Engine Optimisation is an ever-evolving beast. The ability to outrank your competitors has never been more important, or more difficult.

Whether you have multiple websites, wish to optimize your own site by following our step-by-step guides, or run a digital marketing agency and would like to improve your SEO skills. We have the tools, guides, and knowledge to make you be seen online.


PPC Training

Learn to Conquer PPC Advertising

If there’s a platform that allows you to pay to advertise, we know how to dominate it. We can teach you how to plan a digital marketing campaign from start to finish, generate persuasive ad copy, get the campaign up and running, and how to monitor and optimize your adverts to consistently rank number 1.

The best advertising campaigns are subtle, gentle, regular interactions with a prospect all the way from the first impression through to repeat customer. We show you how to capture, recapture and score conversion after conversion consistently and predictably 

PPC Mentorship

Email Campaign Training

Email Campaign Management

Your Biggest Hidden Asset

In 2020, Email campaigns were the primary conversion method for 14.65% of all online transactions. That’s one 6th of every sale made online in 2020, while PPC advertising accounted for 19.9%. The difference being email remarketing can cost a fraction of the price of PPC advertising. But why is it so effective?

When a person or company hands over their email address, they are saying that they want to hear from you. They are already interested in your product or service, and they are wanting to hear more from you.

Email campaigns done right increase brand loyalty, brand awareness, and drive hungry, qualified traffic directly to your website. 

Learn to make the most out of the email addresses you collect and start converting existing leads today.

CRM Implementation

Never Miss An Opportunity Again

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes, as do your requirements. It’s a critical tool for keeping on top of your customers needs and journey through the sales funnel. 

At Action Analysis, we believe we have found the greatest and most flexible CRM platform to suit the needs of the smallest or largest companies. 

We offer installation, modification, and training for you and your team, and help you configure reports and pages to keep you on top of each and every lead. With flexible payment plans with your needs in mind.

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