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What is Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC Advertising - The Basics

If you have ever seen a product or service actively advertised online, then you have seen a PPC advert. If you have ever clicked on one of those ad’s, then the company running the advert has paid the service provider for that click.

Service providers like Google, Facebook and YouTube (to name a few) use the PPC model of advertising, meaning they will show your advert to as many qualified people as they can, and you only pay when someone clicks.

Anyone can create an advert on one of these platforms, but careful monitoring and optimization is needed to reduce the total Cost Per Click and increase the Return On Investment. Action Analysis specializes in optimization from data analysis, so much so we named our company on it.

PPC Advertising

Google Advertising

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Delivering Profitable ROI's

AdWords from Google helps you turn advertising into sales by driving traffic to your site, app, and product listings on Google Search or Shopping. We help you succeed with proven ad formats, targeting options, and bidding strategies. We’ll get you top-quality clicks at a great price. 

Once your campaigns go live, we regularly monitor and optimize your ad’s, audiences, keywords, and bidding strategies to get your ad’s seen by more relevant audiences at a lower price.

Facebook Advertising

Get In Front Of Your Audience

Facebook (paired with Instagram) Advertising currently has the highest conversion rate of any PPC platform for most products and services. Its user demographics match those who shop online, and Facebook users browse Facebook on average for over 1 hour per day.

Facebook advertising suits a visual audience, so strong visual campaigns such as photo and video with medium to long ad copy perform well.

Facebook Advertising is partnered with Instagram, so you can advertise on two platforms for the price of one, or build custom campaigns for each platform.

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Landing Page Development

Linkedin Advertising

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B2B PPC Advertising

Linkedin Advertising is the most professional platform for advertising Business to Business. Get in front of professionals looking for your service on the largest social media platform designed for people interested in business.

Linkedin Advertising works much the same as other PPC advertising platforms, however the audience is strikingly different. If your business deals in B2B, Linkedin advertising is a platform you can’t afford to not advertise on!

Youtube Advertising

Video-centric Advertising

YouTube advertising piggybacks on the Google Ad Words platform, however, it’s approach is strikingly different. 

Advertising on YouTube is one of the most difficult platforms to get noticed on, but we can help you build a video marketing campaign that gets you noticed. To succeed, high quality, engaging video content is required, which can be costly, but if you have a larger marketing budget at hand and a visually engaging product or service, the results can be astounding.

Find out if your product or service is the right fit for YouTube advertising today.

Paid Placement Advertising

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Get Noticed Across The Web

Aside from the more common marketing platforms as mentioned above, there are many other platforms and services out there offering you the ability to list your website in exchange for cash. These sites usually don’t fall under the category of PPC advertising, but usually, come with a monthly or annual subscription to list your website.

We track down the platforms likely to give you the best return on investment and the largest flow of high quality traffic.

This form of advertising is not just good for generating leads, but also fits under the hat of Off-Site SEO Optimisation, and helps your site rank better in search engines.

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