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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

Before we dive in the specific services, let’s get some common ground between us and identify what exactly SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is.

In simple terms, SEO is your presence on the internet. It is the process of ensuring you appear in search results when relevant questions are asked on search engines, or when people are searching for your products or services. 

Your top competitors are all utilizing SEO to ensure they appear at the top of search results, so unless you want every lead to come from a paid advert, you should prioritise your site’s SEO when presenting yourself online.

Website Development

conversion winning website design

Conversion Winning Design

“You know you’re on a conversion driving website the moment you become a customer”

We build unique and stylish websites designed to perfectly complement both your brand and identity, with a centric focus on conversions, analytical tracking, and SEO optimisation. 

Anybody can build a website, most ‘developers’ can design good looking websites, but it takes a dedicated team of professionals with experience in  digital marketing, design, e-commerce, and data analytics to deliver a website capable of driving red hot, high quality leads all the way from first impression to aquired customer.

Landing Page

Pages Designed to Inform and Convert

Hot leads won’t turn in to customers if they arrive at a mediocre web page. When adverts drive traffic to a website, the only purpose of that ad is to convince the lead to go to the website, then it’s the job of the website to convert that lead further through the sales funnel. 

Landing pages are critical in the journey of a prospect to educate, intrigue, and convince them that your products or services are exactly what they have been looking for. They are a page specifically designed to capture the exact needs of the prospect and address any questions or concerns they may have based on whatever information they read that got them to the page in the first place.

They are a critical and essential extension of any advert and compliment the AIDA approach to marketing beautifully.

Landing Page Development

More Traffic

More Conversions


On-Site SEO

SEO optimisation

The Framework to Success

As previously mentioned, SEO is the process of optimising the content and framework of your website to ensure it has the ability to appear in search results.

Search engines prefer sites that are easy to understand, provide relevant information, responds quickly, and that users regularly engage with. 

This creates the added benefit of ensuring the website is fully optimised not just for search engine-driven traffic, but from any traffic channel such as social media, PPC advertising, email campaigns, and more.

Content Creation

Design that works with you

The difference between good content and bad content means the difference between people trusting your brand, people wanting to learn more, and ultimately, converting in to a customer following their interractionsd with you. 

whether it’s content for your website, like copywriting, logo’s, colour schemes and branding,  copy for your advertisements like Headligns, descriptions, photo’s, and promo videos, or social media and blog posts… we can provide the content you need to get noticed

conversion winning website design

Speed Optimisation

Landing Page Development

Fast sites convert more

More than half (53%) of visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. According to research carried out by Hubspot, a one-second delay in load times corresponds to 7% less conversions.

With statistics like this at play, it’s no wonder business owners are searching high and low for a solution to their site load times. Action Analysis optimizes every website it develops and hosts for optimal (95%+) load times, but we also extend this service to anyone seeking to improve the load time of their existing website.

This easy, one-time service alone can have a dramatic effect on your sites ability to perform.

Security Optimisation

Security and Piece Of Mind

What effect would it have on your business if your website was hacked? Maybe the hackers took down your site completely, maybe they just made a slight, almost unnoticeable change that records your customers personal details, login details, or payment details? how long could this go unnoticed?

Hackers will target any website without warning, and securing your digital assets doesn’t have to be difficult. Allow us to secure your site, and monitor it 24/7 for your peace of mind. With daily backups, and an on-site digital security team ready to deal with any threat that may present itself, you never need to worry about hackers again.

Off Site Optimization

Get your site noticed without paying for each click!

Off-Site SEO Optimisation is the process of generating traffic funnels to your website from external sources without having to pay per click. It includes building links from external sites, building reviews, remarketing to email lists or marketing to cold leads through email, organic conversational conversion generation, and social media account management.

Below you will find more information on each area of off-site optimization, why it’s important, and the ways it can drive new hungry traffic directly in to your inbox! Click any of the “get started” buttons to start the conversation today, and to find out just how easy it is to bring in qualified, organic leads.

Link Building

conversion winning website design

Increase your Authority over WEB

Links are always one of  the major ranking factor of search engines. Every Search engine looks for the high-quality inbound links on a webpage when they crawl to measure its authority. The higher quality links a webpage has, the better it will rank.

Link building is a strategy of interconnecting webpages, linking them to each other giving more people the opportunity to stumble across your website. It helps people to navigate between different pages. They also help search engines to crawl the web pages on your website.

Link building is an essential SEO process because it is a major ranking factor. In general, we can improve the rank of our sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to our web pages to gain higher rankings.

Review Building

Build trust in eyes of Google & clients!

Reviews play an important role in making your business a trusted brand, both in the eyes of Google and your customers.

Google regularly talks about the importance of reviews when ranking in search results, as well as the importance of fairly capturing reviews.

Here is what Google said: “Reviews shows that you provide value to your customers”

The moment we build trust, we generate value towards anyone, encouraging them to invest in services/products you provide, but if Google believes you to have falsely captured reviews or generated fake reviews, they will heavily penalize your website’s ability to rank.

We ensure we capture real, honest reviews, minimizing the possibility of negative reviews, and can create action plans to deal with any negative reviews you do possibly receive in the best possible way.

SEO optimisation

Email Marketing

Reach clients via E-Mail

Email marketing is used widely to Increase brand recognition and to connect with your target market.

Email is becoming such a popular marketing tool partially because it compels the consumer to take action; an email will sit in the inbox until it is read, deleted, or archived.

But email can be one of the most cost-effective tools available, too. A 2015 study from the U.K.-based Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that for each $1 spent, email has a mean return on investment (ROI) of $38. Find out more on the power of email marketing, get in touch today and start marketing to the people ready to convert.

Organic Conversion Generation

Get sales Naturally without spending on Ads

Organic conversions is the website traffic generated by an organic search that gets converted into leads. 

What could be better than a website which can generate it’s own sales? Yes, with the right SEO campaign, it is possible.

We heavily research your niche, market, and competitors to lay down the best custom campaign for your business, proving to increase your presence online. 

A study by Smartbugmedia shows the average percentage of traffic that gets converted into leads depending on niche:

  • Media or publishing: 20%
  • Marketing agency or consultancy: 20%
  • Education, training, nonprofit: 18%
  • Technology (hardware, software, IT): 15%
  • Manufacturing, construction, consumer goods: 15%
  • Professional services (financial, legal, etc.): 14%
  • Retail, commerce, wholesale distribution: 11%

Social Media Content Management

Drive sales via social Media

Social Media plays an essential role of your business-promoting strategy.

Apart from just creating brand awareness Social Media platforms help you connect with your targeted customers, increase awareness about your brand, and raise your leads and sales.

53 % of social Media marketers believe that social Media positively affects their businesses revenue and sales.

Social Media marketing not only enhances the Brand on the platform but also increases website traffic and helps companies reach more niche-based customers; it provides a valuable place for superior comprehension and understanding from your targeted customers.

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