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The early days of the internet

When the first version of the internet went live on the 1st January 1983, no one could have possibly imagined the impact it would have on every aspect of life as we know it. These days, just 40 or so years on, there doesn’t seem to be a single device, appliance, or front door that’s not connected in some way or another to the internet.

With the internet came connectivity. The rise of social media platforms demonstrated the ability for humanity to connect, reconnect and stay connected to anyone from anywhere in the world. People all over the world were connecting with one another, long-lost loved ones, estranged family members, friends, and acquaintances from the past.

It wasn’t just individuals that benefited however from the birth of the internet. Literally overnight companies in one country were able to instantly send a message to their business associate in another country. A feat that had up until this point taken weeks, or even months.

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This connectivity also paved the way for a new era of advertising. Before the internet, if you were a small business owner in your local town, you only had a few very limited ways to advertise your business. A sign on the street outside your shop, an ad in your local paper. More savvy business owners would devise mailing lists and cold mail to however far away they could afford to do business. Larger companies had the ability to advertise on television, billboards, and radio. But with the birth of the internet came a new, and very special advantage to the underdog. There wasn’t a computer connected to the internet that they couldn’t reach if they wanted to.

Modern Online Advertising

Modern online advertising has evolved more rapidly, and in more ways than any other form of advertisement ever before it. Not only has the ability to reach and be seen by your target audience been turned in to an exact science, but so too has the recording and reporting of interaction data. We now see in real-time how people interact with adverts, websites, apps, games, social media, and are able to record and analyse that data to make solid predictions on user behavior and build sales funnels according to the data. Beyond this, we now have powerful AI that is able to assist in prediction modeling, and sometimes even out-perform humans in prediction modeling. With the rapid growth of this modern technology, an unfortunate yet inevitable side effect has become all too commonplace, and this is the inability or unwillingness for humankind to adapt to the technology as quickly as the technology becomes available to them.

Humankind likes to categorise things and box them together, neatly displaying their individual assets, departments, strategies… whatever it might be. They often exist separated from one another and dependent upon themselves, like football teams fighting for a trophy, or individual books on a bookshelf. The problem is, this is not how the internet works.

The internet allows for fluidity between all communication. Instant transfer from one page to another platform, one ad to a product page. Three adverts funneled to one individual over several weeks and multiple devices to drive them towards the purchase of a product they didn’t even know existed 4 weeks ago.

Advertising Done Right

This is the approach to advertising that Action Analysis takes. We analyse data from all data sources available. We predict based on the collection of data, AI reports, and our own experience, then we deliver multi-level advertising campaigns across a multitude of platforms, continuously optimizing and testing. Fully fluid and natural adverting delivered precisely to audiences best suited to your brand. Your customers don’t care if you only advertise on Facebook, or Google, and neither should you. You do not need to be restricted to single platforms, or pay subscriptions to advertising agencies based on the platforms they advertise you on. Instead, you should choose a company that’s going to represent your brand equally and fairly wherever your next customer might be. A company that delivers on performance metrics like conversions, cost per conversion, and conversion rate rather than vanity metrics such as impressions or clicks. A company devoted to increasing your ROI, and not taking your ROI. A company like Action Analysis.

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