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We know it can be difficult to make sense of all the different services we offer, so let us give you a brief overview of each, and show how they work together

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Website Services

Website Development

Arguably the most vital asset in your arsenal for driving conversions online is your website. It’s where the magic happens, which is why getting your website designed from the ground up from the viewpoint of the marketing funnel is crucial for securing conversions. Whether you have a pre-existing website that needs to be modified to improve its performance or need a new site built from scratch, our team of marketers, designers and developers will work together to deliver a result that will leave the competition looking like standing ducks in the water. 

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Website Hosting

actionHosting plays a vital role in the ability for your website to be considered professional and user friendly. Your hosting can be responsible for:

  • Website load times
  • Website Security
  • Hosting content such as the website it’s self and all the associated media
  • responding to requests from multiple computers simultaneously
  • making and storing backups of your site regularly
  • Processing payments through your website

Action Analysis not only offers hosting on Australia’s fastest and most secure publically accessible servers, but we also offer extended services such as regular off-site backups, Free SSL Certificates, WordPress site updates, cPanel access, Service tickets, and much more! 

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Landing Page Development

grow your business onlineIf you already have a website that’s already doing it’s thing and working well, we’re not going to want to mess that up! What we can do however is build specific landing pages to talk directly to traffic funnelled to the site from advertising channels, to continue directly the conversation, pain point or interest that bought them to your site in the first place. 

Landing pages are vital in keeping continuity for a visitor to your website. This continuity ensures the visitor remains focused on their original intent for visiting your website, and makes them much more likely to follow through to a conversion than sending them to a generic, none specific page on your website.

The development of landing pages are almost always discussed during the planning stages of an advertising campaign, and although they add a little more development to the launch of a campaign, the increase in conversions that they bring will speak for themselves.

Content Creation

Advertising Services

Search Engine Optimisation

searchSearch Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short), is the unsung hero of website visibility and reach, when done right. Almost every other form of online advertising works on a Pay Per Click model, where you pay each time somebody clicks one of your adverts. However, SEO drives organic traffic to your website without ever paying a cent!.

Some common SEO steps are writing content that includes keywords people are searching for, or correctly tagging titles and paragraphs with their correct HTML markups. Also creating what is known as Meta Data, displaying page titles and short descriptions that only search engines see. These methods are known as On-Site optimisations.

There are also lesser known Server Side optimisations to be made, such as modifying a robots.txt file so that search engines can learn more about the structure of your site and how it is supposed to be used, site maps and page indexing. These steps all help search engines understand what your site is about without breaking the front-end user experience.

Finally we have Off-Site SEO where links are built from other websites back to your own website, bringing in new opportunities for people to find your site. All of these steps, when considered at the point of website or landing page conception vastly improve your ability to be found online.

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